Least Promising Music Stars of Young Generation

While there are so many promising artists that have paved their way through the odds and the hurdles in the music industry, there are a few of them whose trial at testing their luck through the music industry has proved out as an epic fail. This article is mainly to enlist some of the least promising artists in the music industry over the years.

  • Kid Rock:

Kid Rock’s attempts to introduce the audience to the raps were probably one of the worst disasters that any music lover could have faced. His rap “Cocky” that was released in 2001 and even his 2003 self-proclaimed LP was something that was nothing better than a self-made disaster. Soon later, he changed his genre to Rock n Roll and the world wanted to embrace its end so much quicker.


  • Brooke Hogan:

Another addition to the list of the failing artists is Brooke Hogan. People still question as to how even she made it out to become a singer given her lack of skills and vocals.

  • Baha Men:

After talking about some of the solo artists, let’s take a look at the groups. Baha Men tends to take a place in the beginning with their disastrous “Who Let the Dogs out.” It was probably one of the worst songs ever created with little or no meaning in the song as a whole.

  • The Pussycat Dolls:

Yet another group, a girl band this time. No one can deny the fact they each one of them is beautiful and is amazing performers, but when it comes to delivering the main thing that they are expected to, it is yet again another disaster. Their video for “When I grow up” was something that left the audience scratching their heads.

  • Good Charlotte:

This punk rock band has been something that defined the word “annoying.” The group that came into familiarity back in 2002 released some of their music that was plain laughable and a disappointment for any punk rock music lover.


  • T-Pain:

No pun intended but their name is itself self-explanatory when it comes to their music. Most of his tunes are auto-tuned mainstream material and lack a good judge of music sense. The only good thing done by him was probably the little contribution he had in “I am on a Boat”. But well, that is all that is.

  • Black Eyed Peas:

Just the name of the group sounds a bit off but well, you need to listen to their music as well for more of the “off” tunes. The group was better when they started their career but gradually started degrading with the passing time. The addition of their newest member, Fergie was probably the worst decision that they could have done because following that their songs and music just kept degrading. They even tried to change their genre from hip hop to pop which was probably one of the worst possible decisions they could have done.



Hi there! Music runs in the soul of this generation, no matter whatsoever is going on, we always get attracted to the music and it definitely improves our mood to the maximum. Today the interesting thing in our music industry is that our generation

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