Young Generation Music, a mode of Fun or something Ecstatic

Music has excited for ages and in each era, it has influenced generations and being influenced by different aspects of the society. 21st century music is influencedby literature, art andthe social issues of the age. It is also the reflection of people’s insights of the world around them. This results in atonal, angular, cerebral, soft often disjointed music. 21st century music at times heavily revolves around electronic music.


Today’s Music, much different and convincing

Of the numerous genres of modern music, the one segment that can be closely associated with the self-perception of the young generation is hip-hop or rap that often emphasizes the predicaments of the African-American community when it comes to social justice and their continued existence as an underprivileged class within the society.  Other popular and influential genres include rock, pop, country western and these also reflect the modern-day visions and values. Musical genres like Folk, Blues, Caribbean,and African music also tell stories that are a direct reflection of the period and society.

Today’s young generation music is more than a mode of fun or something ecstatic. It is not only a reflection of society,but the music influences the society for better or for worse. Protest music of today has its audience and can inflame passion.  Modern musicplays a major role ininfluencing career decisions as well andurges individuals to pursue their passion and dreams.  It is alsoa reflection of the opinions, sentiments and thoughts of a section of the population.

Offering variety of themes and genres

Popular music today is modified by a lot of electronic enhancements and special effects. Irrespective, of the kind, be it jazz, pop, rock, country, blue or hip hop, music today encompass a variety of themes and genres. Some of the young generation music of todayhascomplex rhythms, dissonant harmonies,use of electronic or synthetic sounds and excellent lyrical melodies. The tunes are catchy, rhythmic and are hugely successful in captivating the audience. It is not just solo artists like Raury, Alvvays, Fletcher,Daniel Wilson, Allan Kingdom, Abra, Stizz,Makonnen Sheran, Natalie Prass, Mackenzie Scott, who have managed to capture the hearts of the music lovers but bands like The Districts, Girlpool and Fifth Harmony are not far behind.


Never in the past century hasmusic reached the general public. Therefore the influence is widespread as well. It is not just the younger generation that is hooked on young generation music as it enjoys a large target audience. The new generation music has incredibly advanced in amplified and recorded sound. It has given voice to numerous artists and paved the way for them to explore and experiment with different styles and genres. Young generation music does not follow a particular set of rules; it is free flowing and dynamic. Influenced by the changing face of the society, advancement of technology, media, culture lifestyle and fashion, it is here to stay. Unlike, what many believe that young generation music might fade into oblivion;it is impactful and promises to give more than bouts of fun and enjoyment.



Hi there! Music runs in the soul of this generation, no matter whatsoever is going on, we always get attracted to the music and it definitely improves our mood to the maximum. Today the interesting thing in our music industry is that our generation

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