Young Music Stars taking Music to Another Level

A set of new generation artists has taken over the musical scenario in the USA and is sweeping the Billboard with hit singles. These contemporary artists range from a wide genre, be it R & B, country music, folk, pop, rock or hip-hop.The young artists are set to break out in a major way in the music scene. Irrespective of the kind of musicone is looking for, be it new take on soft country music or the classic rock, thesestupefying artists will jazz up the playlist all year long. The new generation artists cleanse the musical palate with funky, upbeat and unique music. Their fresh take on music, enigmatic nature and energy has won hearts across the world and not just in the USA. Hereare five most inspiring and followed young music stars who have taken music to another level.


  • Abra

Abra is one of the most popular names among young musicians and is part of Awful Records. She is known to makechillwave-flecked, cloudy R&B tapped-out bedroom music. Abrawith her powerful voice and instincts is a crowd favourite and is slowing making her name among the top musicians of the country. She sings to her heart’s content over bass-heavy and lo-fi sounds throughout both her records. Her selection of beat is retro and unique that sets her apart from the rest.

  • Allan Kingdom

The Allan Kingdom is a well-known name in theunderground hip-hop music for a while now owing to his popular ‘Future Memoirs’. However, he was brought to the limelight when he featured in Kanye West single ‘All Day.’This rapper from Minnesota contributed four lines, but those lines were the most prevalent part of the song that catapulted him to a new level of fame beyond his own fan base. With two Grammy nominations, he has an enormous opportunity to benefit from his new album, Northern Lights.

  • Stizz

Stizz’s Suffolk County is a fan favourite and is one of the best hip-hop albums of 2015. This is Stizz’s first full-length album and all the 13-tracks of this album are entertaining front to back. Stizz project sound in an effortless mannerand his vocal modulationsare hypnotizing yet dominating at the same time. Tracks like ‘Dum Dope’ and ‘No Explanation’ has a breezy and swift flow to it while tracks like ‘Ain’t Really Much’ and ‘No Bells’  feature intimidatingand dark themes. He is surely one of the finest musicians to look forward to.


  • Clairity

Coming from suburban Tennessee,Clairity projects a uniqueness that easily makes her a favourite among many. This 18-year-old singer proved she was a mainstay with her debut music, Alienation EP. Her music is laced with mature electronica that will be appreciated by those who have nostalgia towards 90’s music.

  • Fletcher

A favourite among country music lovers, Fletcher’s War Paint was her calling card. The catchy tune of this ode to self-acceptance gained up more than 10 million streams. The 21-year-old, country singer proved that she was not a one-hit wonder by delivering another euphoric number called ‘Live Young Die Free’.  Already a favourite among the crowd, expectations regarding her debut EP is extremely high.



Hi there! Music runs in the soul of this generation, no matter whatsoever is going on, we always get attracted to the music and it definitely improves our mood to the maximum. Today the interesting thing in our music industry is that our generation

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